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                         artist statement

inspired by the power of my photographic images, i thus began my career as an

self-taught, having travelled extensively, i was drawn by the pathos and
humanity portrayed in faces that i captured on film.  each face held a story...a
story i knew i wanted to share on canvas.  i wanted to paint the purity, the
struggle, the despair....everything that helped shape their existence and so
visually nourished my eyesight.

my  work began in black and white...large definitive pencil drawings which
were displayed in galleries.  but then i wanted more...

and so i started experimenting with paint.  i watched as each hue traversed my
canvas and life began vibrating with each stroke i made.  my faces displayed
the weight of life's burdens, the inner souls of these people whom i had so
connected with.

placing my photos upside down on my easel i begin my process of painting using
wild, bold, energetic strokes.  at the end, when i turn my painting "right side
up" the painting stands filled with power and strength.

born in new york, educated in miami, my life is so enriched by my incredible
husband, two amazing children and five grandchildren.  i have the honor of
being a guardian ad litem and utilize my ability as an artist to help break
down barriers as i work with each child.